“Her amiable approach and soulful exceptional voice has given her a truly unique career, being among the few independent singers who combines opposites and brakes the taboos in her lyrics and sounds, dancing effortlessly along the fine line between general and personal, at times she sings of the delights and sensuality of the body and at others about the revolutionary soul that resists dullness and aridity, no matter in what space the images are created, this duality stays the chief principle that dominates her songs, our lives. Terez Sliman has quickly become a well - loved name in the Palestinian indie music and in the Arab World, driven by her innovation, sensitivity and her strong sense of belonging.”

Terez is an independent Palestinian singer and songwriter. Her lyrics mirror her belief of focusing on the tiny details, in an attempt to keep on proclaiming the outstanding value of Beauty for the sake of Beauty.

Terez was born and raised in Haifa. She has a bachelor’s degree in Music and Education and diplomas in Music in Movement Therapy and Child Development.

She launched her first major Concert Tour “Indi Kalam” (I've Got Something to Say) in 2010, when she was 24, following fans demand, the tour was extended for another year. Concert Tour: Indi Kalam, 2010, self-released.

In 2014 Terez with guitarist Yazan Ibrahim formed the band “Terez Yazan and Friends” and a year after they released their first album “Almond Blossom”. BeeHype praised them as one of Middle East’s best-sounding collectives, and their song “Snoring Moon” was chosen as one of 2015 best tracks. Almond Blossom, Terez Yazan and Friends, 2015, produced by Samer Jaradat.

“One of Middle East’s best-sounding collectives”


In 2015, Terez teamed up with Portuguese musicians Pedro Lima Pereira, Ricardo Coelho, Rui Ferreira, Sofia Adriana Portugal and Miguel Guerra to form Mina World Music. The band's initial research presents the musical heritage as a meeting point between people, by transmitting stories especially of those marginalized corners in the world, and sail with it to new spaces. The band released their first album titled "Mina" in 2016. Mina, Mina World Music, 2016, self-released.

“A terrific artist… an exceptional voice and talent”

Dandin Modern Music of the Middle East

Throughout her career, Terez performed extensively in festivals and concert tours in the Arab World, Europe and North Africa, and was presented on numerous world stages and festivals including Hai in Egypt, Al Rabee in Tunisia, Al Balad in Jordan, Palestine In & Out and Arabesques in France, Transform in Norway، Quintandona in Portugal and many others.

Terez also released many collaborations of independent singles and music videos, such as “Salah” (A Prayer), a filmed musical piece that combines poetry performance, playing and singing. It was released in 2013 on International Women's Day and was launched in 12 countries around the world simultaneously. “Salah” sought to take a clear stand on the commodification of women's bodies as a “semen- containing vessel”. It combines different aspects of distorting the image of a woman and her body, including rape, objectification, veiled or stripped! Other collaborations included “God of Revolution” and  “The Green Revolution”, among others.

In addition, Terez took part in theatrical and musical plays such as “I am Yusuf and this is my brother” which was played at the Young Vic in the UK, “New Middle East” at Kaai Theatre in Belgium and the poetical-musical concert “Hubb fi Ghaima” (Love in a Cloud). 

“A powerful, poetic exploration of different forms of love… an astonishing testament to the power of theatre.”

The Guardian

In March 2020, Terez released her latest album “When the Waves”. The album that brought her together with musician Raymond Haddad is a closing circle for both artists, since their last collaboration was one of Terez’s first solo concerts “Majaz” (Imagery) back in 2007.

“When the Waves” brings Terez and Raymond together with two very well known Norwegian musicians: Eivind Aarset and Helge Andreas Norbakken and presents different imagery, different colors, and landscapes of human experiences and values, which are visibly and invisibly written in the texts and in the music.

When the Waves, Terez Sliman, 2020, produced by Erik Hillestad.

Artist Quote

“ Since I discovered the joy of singing I submerged into it not questioning why or if…

I sing the world and enjoy being sang by it 

I sing my heart and thoughts I sing humankind, love and sadness

I sing Shades of freedom and the smell of solitude  

I sing rain and barefooted women

I sing in the face of injustice and agony

I sing hearts full in love for life

Tranquil like gliding seagulls

And dangerous like prying eagles sharply defending their hearts freedom 

I sing the road and the momentary companion, and I adore the ability to improvise with a stranger, on the stage, with a child playing on the street, or even with my ever present shadow

And I’ll keep singing, because singing loudly in this distorted world is my biggest bliss.“


Terez Sliman

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