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Terez Sliman is a singer and songwriter. Her lyrics mirror her belief of focusing on the tiny details, in an attempt to keep on proclaiming the outstanding value of beauty for the sake of beauty.


“ Since I discovered the joy of singing I submerged into it not questioning why or if…

I sing the world and enjoy being sang by it 

I sing my heart and thoughts I sing humankind, love and sadness

I sing Shades of freedom and the smell of solitude  

I sing rain and barefooted women

I sing in the face of injustice and agony

I sing hearts full in love for life

Tranquil like gliding seagulls

And dangerous like prying eagles sharply defending their hearts freedom 

I sing the road and the momentary companion, and I adore the ability to improvise with a stranger, on the stage, with a child playing on the street, or even with my ever present shadow

And I’ll keep singing, because singing loudly in this distorted world is my biggest bliss.“


Terez Sliman


The New Album


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